Changing Lives

IFDC’s projects and initiatives focus on helping smallholder farmers in developing countries. Around the world, smallholder farmers face common hardships and economic issues. Whether they occur in Bangladesh or Rwanda, even the most modest advancements can change lives for the better.

Through its projects, IFDC has seen many examples of individual sustainable advancement. Incomes have risen dramatically and parity in economic and social benefits has begun. Children are able to attend schools for the first time because their parents can afford tuition and uniforms. Farmers are able to acquire basic necessities such as livestock, quality agro-inputs, new tools and even additional land to cultivate. Bank accounts are being opened for the first time. Just as importantly, these smallholder farmers are participating in the local economy rather than subsisting in isolation. They are building new relationships and bonds through associations and community activities.

In brief, their lives are becoming more dynamic, productive and fulfilling. Those who participate in, or are touched by, an IFDC project benefit almost immediately from their efforts. And just as critically, their children, who grow up witnessing a new agricultural dynamic, will inherit these tools for success. The old cycle is broken and the new path is laid. We often call this ‘building generational success’ – the intent at the heart of every project IFDC implements.