Promoting Improved Dairy Cattle Breeds and Animal Feed to Increase Milk Production in Kyrgyzstan

Written June 2009
Country: Kyrgyzstan

Cattle Show

Dairy Cattle Shows

Dairy cattle shows organized by KAED promoted increased milk production from improved breeds. The cattle shows took place in Karasu and Sokuluk, Kyrgyzstan, in October and December 2008.

“Many Kyrgyz farmers lack proper feed to sustain their herds, which limits milk and meat production,” says Dr. Hiqmet Demiri, KAED Chief of Party. “These farmers also lack information on modern cattle-raising techniques.”

KAED works to improve cattle feed and care to enhance dairy cattle health and productivity. About 130 farmers observed the potential of new breeds and learned modern management techniques for dairy cows at the cattle shows. Seven cows were sold in auctions.

“A cow’s breed influences the yield and quality of the milk it produces,” Demiri says. “That’s why KAED promotes genetic improvement of dairy cows, mainly by encouraging farmers to use artificial insemination and introducing the farmers to improved breeds that private breeders will bring to the Kyrgyz market.”

KAED organized the cattle shows in partnership with Central Asian Breeding Services, a private enterprise that works with cattle breeding centers in Europe and supplies improved breeds to Kyrgyzstan.

Distribution of Animal Feed

KAED procured 1,400 mt of animal feed and distributed it through the private sector during February–March 2009.

“This will reduce the livestock death rate by 30 percent and winter weight loss of animals by 50 percent,” Demiri says. “Average milk production per cow in winter months will increase from three liters to five liters per day.”

The intervention will generate demand for high quality livestock feed, contribute to the establishment of an animal feed market and promote improved livestock management practices. More than 20,000 Kyrgyz dairy farmers will benefit.