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The Role of Fertilizer in Transforming the Agricultural Economy in the Kyrgyz Republic

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Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia, west of China and south of Kazakhstan. The country's total land area is 199,951 sq km. In comparison, it is slightly larger than Senegal and similar in size to the state of South Dakota in the U.S. Kyrgyzstan’s climate ranges from dry continental in the mountains to subtropical in the southwest valley to temperate in the northern foothills. More...

KAED - Versatility in Pictures

Since 2001, the Kyrgyz Agro-Input Enterprise Development  project and its successor projects (KAED II and KAED Follow-on) have supported farmers in adopting modern agricultural practices to increase food production, improve animal health and increase rural incomes. More...


In April, Kumtor Gold Company and KAED launched the second joint project on rehabilitation of 1,500 hectares in Kyrgyzstan. More...